November 2017

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A poor credit report indicates your financial situation is under stress. It is anmaxresdefault undesirable situation but it does not have to last long. There are various ways to repair your credit rating. Click here to receive Credit Secrets which is a guide to building excellent credit. This guide has some nifty tricks that help improve personal credit score. It will change your life for better. You can also use some other well-known credit score improvement solutions.

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Get Your Credit Score Report
You can repair your credit score only when you know exactly where it stands now. This report contains information based on your credit history. It indicates to the creditors your financial capability to repay the loans and credits. This credit report is available from three credit bureaus -Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. You should get your report from each one of them. Go through these reports to find any inaccurate information. People with poor credit ratings have often found inaccurate data in these reports. You are entitled to receive a free copy of your credit report once a year. You can get these reports through These reports help you know if your credit rating is based on false data. You will know the specific issues that are affecting your credit score negatively.

Dispute Any Error in the Credit Report
You are within your right to dispute any error in the credit report. You can report the error to the creditor who provided that wrong information to the credit bureau. You can write to the credit bureau about the error. Provide accurate data to point out the error. There are different types of errors people report in such reports. A collection account data from several years back may still be being reported even though it is past its statute limitation in your state. In case of a divorce, the report may still be clubbing the person with the ex-spouse bill that remains underpaid. A single loan default may be appearing as multiple defaults. It can be as simple as an ID mistake whereas your name is being mistaken for a person who is facing foreclosure or credit issue. Your poor payment history is taken as a big risk by creditors. You will learn how you can improve your credit score even with these problems.

Clear Bills on Time
Nothing can be as simple as this one in improving your credit score. Your credit score is made up 35% of your payment history. Paying your bills on time can really help improve your credit score. It shows you do not face difficulty in paying basic expenses. When credit card payments are cleared on time, you will not be charged and the data will not be sent to the collection agency. If you have missed payments issues, you should talk to the credit card issuer. It may agree to reassess your account and start showing on-time payments. If in the report you see a debt that does not belong to you or is inaccurate, you should dispute it with the credit bureau.

Do Not Apply for a New Credit Card
When you are trying to repair your credit, it is not a good idea to get a new card while the old ones are still showing dues. Even making credit inquiries can damage your credit score. You will suffer 3-5 point downward rating for a hard inquiry. It may look small but it precipitates the problem if your credit score is on the verge of turning negative.

Avail Credit Counseling
Take help of a professional credit counselor when you are unable to fix your poor credit rating on your own. Professionals and agencies offering such counseling services are aware of debt and loan issues faced by individuals. They know various solutions that can be used to help people facing debt, loan and credit problems.

In addition to using these options, you can use some secret credit score improvement tricks as well. Such tricks are often reported in news sites like Newsmax. Take help of Credit Secrets guide. It has a magic phrase that stops debt collectors in their track. There are some legal avenues that can be used to improve credit score. You need to follow the due process for this purpose. The solutions will help you remove late payments, charge-offs, bankruptcies and other data that are affecting your credit reports negatively. Many creditors do not follow the laws exactly as they should. If you point out the rules correctly, you will get some breathing space.

Written by Scott and Alison Hilton, Credit Secrets tells you exactly what to do to improve your credit score. It is time to get control of your credit. Build your financial future the way you want. It is possible if you know how to do it.


Credit scores are important. However, not many people know what qualifies as02_CS_TABLE_-_Instead_of_Basic_credit_score_differences_-_UPDATED_02-11 having a good credit score or a bad one. Below are the different credit score ranges and what they mean. We’ll also provide you with advice and tips on how to improve your credit score.

A Score Of 720 To 850 Is Excellent
If you have a credit score that falls within this range, then you have an excellent score. This means you are consistently responsible when it comes to making payments on loans you have taken out. There are many advantages of having an excellent credit score, such as being able to get low-interest rates on loans and you’ll have an easier time getting approved for lines of credit, mortgages and other types of loans. This is because you’re considered to be at low risk for not paying your bills.

A Score Of 690 To 720 Is Good
A good credit score is between 690 and 720. It means you are usually financially responsible and the majority of your payments have been made on time. These payments include credit cards, loans, rental and utility payments. Having a good credit score can still have a positive impact on your everyday life.

A Problem Credit Score Falls Between 650 And 690
If you have a credit score that falls between 650 and 690, then you have a problematic credit score. It indicates you have a poor credit history. If you have a score that falls within this range, you probably have numerous late payments to multiple lenders. You might even have a loan default on your credit report. Those with problematic credit scores will likely be refused lines of credit and loans because they are considered to be too much of a risk.

A Poor Credit Score Falls Between 350 And 650
You have a badly damaged credit history if you have a credit score that falls between 350 and 650. You probably owe several lenders money and you might have even filed for bankruptcy. If you need, this will stay on your credit report for over five years. You will definitely want to take steps to improve your score if you have poor credit, or else you will have a very hard time getting approved for new lines of credit, a mortgage, a car loan and anything else that requires you to have decent credit.

A Score Of 0 To 349 Means No Credit
If you have a score that falls between this number, then you probably don’t have credit. This isn’t necessarily bad, but you will want to establish credit and be responsible when it comes to repaying your loans and lines of credit.

Tips For Improving Your Score
If you have no credit, then start off by applying for a small loan or a credit card with a small line of credit. Pay your credit card off and stay on top of your loan payments. Eventually, you will start building credit.

You’ll want to take drastic steps and put in the solid effort if you have bad credit. One of the things you can do is visit the Credit Secret website, which is where you’ll find the book Credit Secrets. This book was written by a real couple who were faced with the reality of having bad credit. However, they took steps to improve their credit score and they did it. You will learn a lot of things you didn’t know about, which will help you improve your own credit score.

Other than ordering Credit Secrets from the Credit Secret website, you can start paying your bills on time. This is easier said than done, but it is important. If you have fallen late on all your payments and continue to pay late, then choose one or two bills you can pay on time and make sure you start paying them on schedule. Another thing you can do is consolidate your debt, which will allow you to make one payment towards the debt that has been consolidated. If you don’t know how to consolidate your debt, then contact a credit repair agency because they will tell you whether or not you can do this.

If possible, apply for a small line of credit and pay it right back. Keep your credit card balances as low as possible too. You might be surprised at how much your credit score will improve when you do this.

We highly recommend visiting Credit Secret website. Credit Secrets will provide you with the motivation, determination, and advice you need to finally improve your credit score. Do not let a poor credit score deter you from living life to the fullest. Order Credit Secrets today.